Cloud Visibility for Enterprise Immune System Launched

Enterprise Immune System Runs in Third-Party Clouds with Darktrace’s OS-Sensors

Darktrace, the leader in Enterprise Immune System technology, has announced that it has extended its self-learning threat detection to third-party cloud environments. Powered by machine learning and mathematics developed at the University of Cambridge, the Enterprise Immune System is unique in detecting emerging cyber-threats within networks, without using rules or signatures.

Delivered within an appliance that is installed at the heart of the network, Darktrace’s self-learning software is now complemented by total visibility of virtualized environments, including third-party cloud environments.

Darktrace OS-Sensors are lightweight, host-based server agents that complement Darktrace’s virtual appliance, vSensors. OS-Sensors work by intelligently extracting copies of network traffic for analysis by the master Darktrace appliance, giving the Enterprise Immune System complete visibility of lateral information flow within the cloud, as well as within the physical network activity.

OS-Sensors are compatible with all major hosting services including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure.

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