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password security

Passwords continue to be a security problem

Ten CISOs from across industries have predicted that the days are numbered for the password as the sole authentication method. They see enterprises moving to augment or supplant the traditional password with advanced technologies, such as...


BMW Could Have Prevented OwnStar Hack

A researcher says BMW was informed of the mobile app vulnerability that allows hackers to locate and unlock cars months before the attack method was disclosed. At the recent DEF CON conference in Las Vegas, security researcher Samy Kamkar showcased...

Tee Soo Kiat

Stealing Information from Data Centers

With data centers hosting critical applications and data, what are some of the security risks that can impact the business and operations? Authors in this article have pointed out five major ways that hackers can use to steal data from data centers....


Security Outlook for CISOs in 2015

It’s New Year and new security threats are constantly evolving. So, what lies ahead for the CISO’s in 2015? Read on to know more about them. Welcome to the New Year 2015! Again it’s that time of the year when you start to implement the new...

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