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InfoSec Maestros Awards 2016

With the overwhelming response we received in ‘InfoSec Maestro Awards & Conference’ for the year 2015, we have decided to reach every security professional at every nook and corner of this nation and to inspire them to pen down their innovation & skill through nomination. This award is a not a mere award like others. It recognizes the best projects based on innovation and technical excellence and bring them into national and international limelight. In today’s dynamic threat landscape, security professionals are under severe pressure. Emerging new threat vectors and formulas have been more devastative in nature and can do anything they want to. Evolved concepts like two faced malware, headless worms, multidimensional autonomous infected scripts etc. have increased the challenges in multi-fold. There is no technology or solution which can prevent these threats single handedly. Hence CISOs or security think tankers have to add their own intelligence to architect a strong security network to address such issues.

‘InfoSec Maestros Awards 2016’ is exactly motivated by this and brings out the InfoSec thought leaders, who have indeed shown their commitment & capability to protect their organizations at any situation. We invite and encourage security professionals, who believes in their strength and have exhibited excellence in their organizational role. There is no time to waste, visit and pen down your experience and excellence and submit the nomination at the earliest. ‘InfoSec Maestros Awards’ platform is now ready for the year 2016 and nominations are invited from such passionate leaders across the nation, across the verticals to open up their minds. INFOSECURITY LIVE presented some astonishing bright minds in the year 2015 and has come back with much bigger effort to bring brightest minds and recognize security excellence in the year 2016.

So, why to wait? Log on to and submit your nomination by today itself.

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